Who we are
Entraide is a small registered charity.
Our aim is to help those who are in precarious circumstances, we help care centres across Poland.
What we have in common :

We have no paid staff, we are all volunteers. Our running costs are minimal, this allows us to maximise the good we can do with the donations entrusted to us.

Our trustees

Our Director

Jola Christol

Our Director

Magda Radwańska-Viatteau

Our Treasurer

Verena Tompson

Our secretary

Anne-Elisabeth Heddesheimer

Our coordinator for the centres

Elzbieta Colombier

Our history

In the 90s a French expatriate, Veronique Tavernier meets the Sisters of Cluny in Lublin and decides to help them as much as she can during the duration of her stay in Poland. In 1995, Isabelle Perrin takes over and develops a framework to structure this help. Entraide is born; initially within Varsovie Accueil. At the time clothes and toys are collected and redistributed to a few centres.

With the years and the continuous growth of the expat community, donations both from private individuals and companies increase. Entraide develops the scope of its activities, separates from Varsovie Accueil and becomes an independent entity Fundacja Entraide.

In 2010 two members of Fundacja Entraide, who are still active within the charity, were awarded the (French) National Order of merit in recognition for their work.

Year after the year Fundacja Entraide has developed and financially supported many projects helping the poor, the homeless, the sick, the elderly, the orphans as well as vulnerable families and youth.

Support Entraide

We are grateful for all help, whether a financial donation, a gift in kind or any other. Please help us to help others

Fundacja Entraide is a Franco-Polish charity committed to providing help to people who are most in need, in Poland.

Our contact details

To make a donation : Banque Santander 93 1090 2590 0000 0001 4416 3603

To sponsor a young person’s education: Banque Santander 30 1090 2590 0000 0001 4416 3573


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